Music is medicine. The most memorable live music shows can feel like a group therapy session for both the artist and audience alike. If only you could bottle those feelings! The music itself is only half of it; the lights, the atmosphere, the energy, the connection you feel all come together to create what can often be an emotional experience. Being able to capture the emotion shared in that moment is where the art of photography comes in. If I'm able to look at an image and not only hear the music, but also feel that emotional connection, I know I've captured something special.
Shooting live music is an experience I never take for granted and over the last 10 years, feel privileged to have captured some extra-special moments with some incredible artists. Head to my live music page to take a look at a few of them.
In addition to concert photography, I'm equally passionate about events, with a candid approach to capturing special moments at celebrity events or for businesses celebrating success at awards, exhibitions and corporate galas. Take a look at my events page to see more.
Based in Warwickshire, I'm within easy reach of most UK venues so frequently find myself at events in London, Birmingham and Manchester - and everywhere in between. I'm also available for international projects. Contact me to discuss what you have in mind.​​​​​​​
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